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How do Mexican weddings look like?

Weddings in Mexico are special and unique for their variety of traditions full of colors, songs, dances, laughter and smiles. For most Mexicans, a wedding is a reason for a celebration in a big way, it could be said that it is the ideal pretext to have a party. It could take days, weeks, months, and even years to plan such an event and it will certainly look fascinating. In Mexico, the bride dresses in white, puts on a garter belt (at the party the groom takes it off and throws it at random to the single men invited, just as the bride does with her bouquet), does not wear pearls, does not see the groom before the ceremony (it is believed that it is bad luck that they see each other before). The religion of the majority of Mexicans is the Catholic, therefore it is very common for weddings to be performed by civilians and by the Catholic Church. If there is no religious wedding, only the civil wedding can be done. What is done in a Catholic ceremony? The bride and groom exchange rings as a promise of love and fidelity. It is also customary for the groom to give the bride "Las Arras" (thirteen coins that represent a symbol of mutual aid). Later, the bride and groom kneel down and are literally tied together with a bow. At the end of the ceremony, the bride places a bouquet of natural flowers at the foot of the image of the Virgin Mary as an offering. Upon leaving the ceremony, the guests throw rice at the bride and groom as a symbol of prosperity.

The party at a Mexican wedding:

Weddings in Mexico are a big celebration where food and drink is served and the music is loud.

There are many options for the banquet, it can be an elegant lunch or dinner, a buffet, and in some regions typical Mexican dishes are offered. Of course, there is always a lot of food... a lot!

During the party the bride and groom dance their first song as spouses, then they dance with their parents, best man, bridesmaid and close relatives. One of the activities of the Mexican wedding is "el baile del billete" in which the guests get up to dance with the bride and groom to give them money. In some families this activity is not welcomed, so it is not done at all weddings.

When all the guests get up to dance, it is called "opening the floor" and for music the most common thing is to hire Mariachis, Banda, Norteño Ensembles or Dj. The favourite is usually mariachi or banda music to give it a touch of Mexican Folklore.

The toast:

The party stops for a moment and everybody toasts for the bride and groom. The guests raise their glasses and all together say "Cheers." The couple can give a speech and the parents, relatives or friends can dedicate a few words to them.

Throw the bride's bouquet:

In the Mexican weddings, this activity is popularly enlivened with the children's song "La vibora de la mar". Holding hands and on rhythm with the music the girls walk quickly between the tables to stand behind the bride who, without seeing, will randomly throw her bouquet . It is believed that the lucky one to catch the bouquet will be the next to marry.

Carry the groom "de muertito":

Another Mexican tradition is to carry the groom as a dead man.

While "The funeral march" is playing in the background, all the male guests carry the groom who is lying between their hands as if he were at a rock concert. The guests take off the groom's clothes, shoes, socks, jacket... (they are supposed to take off all of his clothes, but with those should be enough!). Then they throw him up several times.

Truly the traditions in a Mexican wedding are incredible!

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