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Callejoneadas in San Miguel de Allende

Due to its fascinating places and dreamlike settings, San Miguel de Allende has become one of the main destinations to get married.

But one of the attractions that has gained more strength in recent years are the pre-weddings that are celebrated as Callejoneadas with colorful mojigangas where the bride and groom become the center of attention.

The tradition consists of walking through the picturesque and colorful streets of the town surrounded by galleries, cafes, hotels and restaurants among beautiful mansions and colonial-style buildings.

The walk is led by the couple who are celebrating their love and sharing their happiness with their guests and strangers who stop to watch the incredible show.

This celebration serves for the families of the couple to break the ice before the marriage ceremony, in addition to accompanying the future spouses on a journey that begins in the parish of San Miguel de Allende and continues to the place where the reception will take place.

According to the preference of the couple, the callejoneada can be performed with a band or mariachis.

This celebration takes up one of its traditional aspects that emerged in Spain, with the figure of the Tuno, which was when university students roamed the streets singing and playing, as a way to cover their studies. Another important and inevitable aspect are the mojigangas that have their origin in the Giants of Spain, which were puppets or large sculptures made of cardboard or paper mache, with a person inside who gave them movement.

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